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Weaving with a drawloom attachment requires a loom with at least 100 cm weaving width. The attachment fits various types of manufactured looms as long as the beater hangs from top of the loom. The counterbalance tie-up is adequate for many projects but some weaving techniques require countermarch.
A loom extension will give a loom the best shed when using a draw attachment. Our extension fits Glimåkra looms.  The extension is ajustable from 40 to 110 cm in length and also adjustable in height.

The draw attachment is designed as a bridge that are placed on top of the loom. The pattern shafts hang from hole boards which lift the shafts from both sides of the loom. The shed can be adjusted by raising and lowering the hook bar at the front and by raising and lowering the back beam itself.

Draw attachment includes 20 pattern shafts and has room for 50 shafts.

To get a richer patterning, the drawloom can be combined with a device for single units.
In our combination device both draw handles and single unit loops are easy to reach above the beater.
Easy setting up and detailed instructions follow.

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